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Welcome to Singheswar

Singheshwar is one of the administrative divisions of Madhepura district in the Indian state of Bihar. The block headquarters are located at a distance of 6 km from the district headquarters, namely, Madhepura. There's a temple of Lord Shiva. Devotees come from many places for puja. The Shiva temple at Singheswar, also called Singheshwarsthan, has religious significance since ancient times, as this land was the meditation place of Rishi Shringi. Hence, this place is considered to be the most pious for the Hindus. It is said that during the Ramayana period a Putreshthee Yajna was performed by Raja Dashratha and he was blessed with four sons from the prasad “Charu” of that mahayajna. The mythological story behind this place is that Goddess Maha Kali, Maha Laxmi and Maha Sarswati are assimilated into the form Goddess Durga and she being lion rider is called Singheshwari. Her counterpart Lord Brahma. Vishnu and Mahakal Shankar are assimilated into the form of eternal god is called Singheshwar. Three part of the Shivling is the expression of Trimurti.